Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stop the Projector

It's well past time to stop the projector and change the real.

It is the duty of each individual to control their thought and the image that is projected by these thoughts. For six to seven thousand years the mind of the mob has been manipulated to create a false image, leading to the mass projection of fiction. The projectors of fiction are worn out and eroding in the cesspool of greed and corruption that brought them to the screen. As the mind reawakens to it's divine nature, and the thought is unshackled from the devises of control, reality will once again shine bright for all to see.

The current image being projected through the mind of the masses is coming to an end. The lights are coming up as the seats empty, the waste lays on the floor, and the image fades away leaving in its wake an empty screen. The watcher has become the watched, as the duty to become the director dawns from above.

The sun rises bringing with it a new day as the rays of light shine down with joy giving energy to the projection of the eternal image of conscious beings. Man the perfection of creation, existing on all plains of being, being aware of one's self, willingly accepting the power and authority of the one, voluntarily working as two, will create a new image out of love for all to see. It is the image of the original thought, "eternal co-creation inspired by the power of love".

What image are you creating and what reality are you projecting on the screen? Reality is but a projection of thought, control the thought and direct the scene.