Monday, January 17, 2011

Is It Important How You Shutdown?

By: Rotating Matter

It is time to become conscious of the reaction as well as the action. The brain operates in a controlled pattern through the stimuli to the cells. The cells act in the same way a body reacts, obviously since a body is made up of individual cells. Bruce Lipton's work on the biology of the brain is very interesting and should be carefully examined under the microscope of the mind. With your mind, and as his work brings up, whose mind are you operating under? Have you examined it to make sure it was really yours?  Before you read any further you should check out the video "The Power Of Consciousness".

Once you have taken a look at the information you should be able to understand the importance of the question and can think it out for yourself.  Or if you don't want to waste your time thinking for yourself you can read on. Or maybe, you are just curious about what I have to say, so you can check it against your own thoughts.  What ever your reason the below is my thoughts on the information presented and my own expansions of thought.

The mind is the command center of the body it controls the functions of all the pieces based on the information it receives form the individual cells surrounding it. Where does that leave the brain? Are they the same thing isn't the mind a result of the the brain or is the brain a result of he mind.   Well as the great labyrinth, of so-called science, has revealed the operation of the brain, we can now reassess the question.  I refer to it as so-called science by the way because I have actually reflected on the origin and meaning of the word.  Science is not a thing it is only a method of observation and as such is only as good as the mind operating the cells in the current placement within the field. The field just another word for space, circular meanings and all. Didn't that placement have an effect or what? I really am asking you this question I already asked myself.  The placement of ones cells, that would be your cells or maybe the dogs cells they are just all cells by the way. If you weren't currently aware of that yet then you need to start paying a little more attention.  I'm not writing this so you can just read it I am writing it so you will actually think about it.  If you don't want to think about it then, what is presented will do you no good.

As I was previously saying, in case you missed it yet this is an internal dialog I am trying to have it with you, but you do not seem to want to listen. So here I sit writing the thought down instead so maybe you will stumble across it at some time and join the conversation. If this offended you it was your fence not mine. Now that you have joined in lets continue, and thanks to all those that were here from the beginning. The mind is the voice, the voice is the commander of the center, the center is the place were the information is processed that is downloaded from the field, the field is the potential information that is waiting to be processed by the sense of its reception.  Thats right it really is a circle.
Don't fight the flow pay attention to the direction of the receivers.

Make note of the information and check it against your consciousness. You know the part of you that actually takes the time to analyze. 

It is you? Is that all you are? Well that and cells acting together with a common goal directed by the thought.  Cells really are separate entities just like you processing information from the position within the experience. It is you the thought that directs matter not matter that directs you the thought.  And if you are directing the matter then it really is all your fault. That is not an accusation by the way, just a self discovery. I realize that it was my fault so I am just trying to tell you that I truly understand now how my thought or lack there of, has really effected you both directly and indirectly. Well maybe you haven't been paying attention to the direction of the matter because no one ever told you it was important. No one ever told me as well. I had to take the time to think and come to the conclusions myself by looking at, and examining the information I was receiving from the thoughts of others.

Now on to the main question, is it important to know, how to properly shut the signal down? I think it is.  My reasoning being that if the signal is directing the intentions of the field by relaying information back to the field by interacting with it.  You know when it exists as your existence is your interaction with the field.

What is the Matter?
Ya, I know, funny, is it?

I'm not going to answer the question for you by the way that would be impossible. Not that I could not answer the question, just that I could not do it for you. I answered the question already, and gave my reasoning but I can never answer a question for you. I am not such an arrogant prick to think that I know some thing you do not know only that I have taken the time to reason it out and if you take the time you will probably take it further. Then we can really start interacting with this field in a conscious manner. 

Why do I think it is important to interact in a conscious manner?
Actions and reactions of all thought, both conscious and unconscious, effects the reactions to the actions of the thoughts of the matter.

Maybe its what makes the merry-go-round so fun?

Sunday, January 16, 2011