Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sow the Seed

Living is the component that defines life. Love is the seed from witch divine joy springs forth. Today the world is overflowing with a river of fear, greed, and hate. Tomorrow the world will be filled with? What tomorrow holds is up to you and me as our actions in the now determine the moment to come. Just as the flower can not bloom if the seed does not fall, love can not flow if the tap is closed.

The time is now as it has always been and will always be, and now is your time to prepare the garden for the seeds. First the ground must be cleared of the junk and debris that clutters out the trees. As we remove the trash and prepare the ground for the sowing of the seed it is important to take notes of the topography of the earth and sky.

How does the rain flow?
In what direction does the prevailing wind blow?
Where does the summer sun rise and set?
Where among the clouds does the winter sun spring forth before finally taking a rest?

The mind is but a garden it is you who must become the steward and the earth will again be free.