Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Myth Of Equality
By: Rotating Matter

Equality! the ignorant cry, for equally we will all die.

Many different political and religious systems claim that equality is something that can be, and should be, achieved. Is this a true idea, or a false belief based in the denial of fact? If one is to take a look at Nature, as a true intellectual observer, the fallacy of such dogmas shatter into billions of individual pieces. From cognitive thought and actual observation, one can detect that no two individual particles of physical matter can or do dwell in the same space. In such no two particles are, nor can be, equal to one another. A particle can be similar to another particle. As one particle can be measured in areas of observation, holding the same shape and mass of the companion particle. However being able to detect similarity, does not bring into existence equality. Equality, is a fictitious notion, of delusional appropriation, that no matter can obtain, and no amount of wishing can bring into being. Equality pretends to exist in the delusional world of parchment construction, not in reality, and even in the world of parchment is only said to exist and in fact still does not. For no two letters, no matter how similar in shape and size, can occupy the same space on a page. Nor can two individual thoughts, no matter the similarity in reflections, sustain simultaneous contemplation.

If equality is not obtainable tangibly should one seek to obtain it spiritually, mentally, or politically?

It is my opinion that the desire to propagate the notion of equality, is one of, if not the greatest, obfuscations of mental reflection. If the Mind of Man it to find Truth in Life, one must revitalize the individuality of the whole, in order to understand the harmonious symphony of The Creation. Each particle of thought, emotion, and matter exist individually from one another. Separation of space is the realm of existence, for in the void of nothingness dwells no thing. In this Divine Space, creation dances to the loving symphony of the soul, harmoniously radiating creation into being. Harmony of the whole of Creation brings joyful noise. Disharmony from destructive discord can break the cord.

Harmony of the "Family Unit" through conceptual construction of the individual, is paramount to peaceful existence in a communal world. If the family unit is brought into disharmony, this destruction of a individual cord, breaks the joy of community. The Individual "unit" truthfully existing, with individual desire, to cooperate willingly and knowledgeable, in the creation of family, with the intention of peaceful and thoughtful creation, is paramount in Man's continuation.

If one is to examine the microcosm with intent of forming a macrocosm, one need only to look at the individual Man. Each Man is built out of a trillion or so cells that are constantly propagating new cells and eliminating old cells. When the body of Man is brought into disharmony, either from outside or inside influences, the whole of the being deteriorates, through individual parts failing to play the correct cords of creation. The destruction of the symbolic concert of the body of one man, can be projected to the body of all Man.

Dare to be one, with knowledge of the importance of the whole. Harmony should be a goal not equality. For Harmony can be said to exist, while equality does not and never will exist. Reflection is needed in space for creation to take place.

Demanding reality conform to the delusional constructs of fallacious ideologies, creates a world in which Truth is masked by a mass of lies.

What say you?

Shall I, an individual creative piece, seek community through responsible individuality?
Shall I, respect the natural order of life?

The moment is here. Now exists no where else.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fields Of Mind

By: Rotating Matter

Restful Winds
From the center of creation blows a breeze of reflection.
Demanding attention in the task of detection.
On the mind of one Man's perception.

Is the mind of Man rolling through flower fields of truth?
Or entombed in a corpse of lies?

Who is the one that must reflect on the mind?
Is not, all of ONE, the whole of the Mind of Man?

Mind sees the field of transcending light.
Cascading through the waves of the pasts reflections and the futures projections.
Creating a cocoon of mortal dimensions.

As points of reflection and projection
Come rest in the moment of stillness
One Mind finds Peace

Divinity Spring
Truth dwells in fields of light flashing forth in the projected mind of divine creation.
Eternal divinity springs forth from the breasts of material causation.
The toe knows not the nose for reflection flows where mind attention goes.

Externally eternal
Waves flow down mountains of snow
Cascading through the pine bough
All seeking rest
In creations nest

Circle patterns the flow
Inward and outward
Life spirals forth
Creating projections of worth

Children suckle
Mothers creation
Grandfather chuckles
Fathers causation
Grandmother sings
Sisters dream
Brother explores
Hearts adore
Mind projects
Thoughts eject
Love binds
Natures sublime

The stillness of truth flutters on wings of light.
Stand tonight or you will loose this fight.
Join hand in hand in the moral plan.
Choose now what is right.
Come-forth Man, take control of your land.
Unwind from the confines of nefarious demands.
In you dwells external light.