Monday, October 27, 2008

A Path

The path is only the reflection of the choice destination. For when one dreams the goal, seeing cobblestones of pure destination, now journey one shall be. As I walk down this dark, overgrown path I will stumble and occasionally fall over the many obstacles in the way. Falling is not a concern along the path less traveled as it is a sure thing, having the strength to regain footing is the only issue. The way is not smoothly paved or lit up with bright lights like main street. There are no signs showing the path, or what direction to take as the next fork in the road approaches. The path is so remote that very few have traveled along it's steep winding edge while not getting faint of heart. Those that are encountered along the way don't remember which way they came, only when they started and what direction they now consider forward. The trails lead up and down and around and around. Conscious sense the excitement of reality the whole way. When one ventures down this path of truth there is very little doubt that forward is the way to go.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fall of Mankind

The Patriarchal Led Decent of Evolution

Man has led the world down a path of destruction and deceit into the abyss of darkness spread over the Mother of life with the shift from the matriarchal structure to the patriarchal structure. The two bodies of life from which all living creatures have been born are the Sun and the Earth. The Sun is the seed of life providing the energy and light for existence. The Earth is the caretaker and supporter of life providing the womb in which life grows. One cannot have life without both of these bodies. Humans from the known beginning of existence worshiped and cherished the Mother as the creator of life. It was not until the rise of modern patriarchal religion in society that the shift was made from life to death. With the rise of religion came the fall of mankind in to the current abyss of separation from creation. A seed can not grow without nutriment of Earth nor can it come into existence on its own.

The theory that humans have evolved in a linear pattern to an advanced civilization is a fallacy that must be corrected in order to change the current path of death to life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Existence of Consumption

Existence and consumption are reliant on one another for one is not possible without the other. So the question is, is existence the product of consumption or is consumption the product of existence. Observations of existence on Earth would lead one to believe that consumption is the product of existence, thus all that exist must consume. If everything that exist's must consume what existed before consumption. The old adaptation "what came first the chicken or the egg".

Many question the term consumer when it is used by those in power to describe the minions. It is understandable due to the use of the word as merely calling people buyers of useless things. In all actuality consumption is life and life is consumption so all life could in fact be referred to as consumers. The current problems in the existence of consumers is the rate at which they are consuming. Out of all the organisms on Earth humans are relatively the only ones which consume more than is required for existence. When one examines all the questions regarding uses of power and control a common theme appears throughout, which is regulating that which is required for existence. Humanity must only look in the mirror to find the answer to the question of existence for ones consumption is it's existence.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time = Control

Time: The Dogma of Control
By Phil Williamson

Time is the controlling factor of society; we define our lives around it and make plans according to it. Society is in all regards regulated by time. As humans we are instructed at what point in time we are allowed to participate in all aspects of life within society. Life is in fact a journey thru time. So what is Time? Time can be simply defined as the movement thru space. What and whose movement, thru what space is time as we accept it defined as. A year is one revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Is the Sun the determent of all time or just Earth time?

The Earth rotates on its axis at approximately 1000 mph, completing roughly 365.25 rotations per cycle around the sun. NASA says it takes “365 days 6 hours 9 minutes 9.54 seconds to circle the sun.” So the Earth spins on its axis at 1000 mph completing one rotation in regards to the Sun in 24 hours and takes approximately 365.25 of these rotations to complete one revolution around the sun. So our basis for a solar year is one revolution of the Earth around the Sun, and solar day is one rotation of the Earth on its axis in regards to the position of the sun. So can we define time as a the relationship of the Earth to the Sun and the forces placed on one another do to rotational gravity.

It seems as though this makes some sense due to the fact that we live on Earth and depend on the Sun for life. However Earth is just one spec of mud revolving around the Sun a spec of light moving thru the infinite universe. So lets take a closer look at time and break it down into smaller parts as understood in society. A day is the 360 degree rotation of the Earth in regards to the sun, broken down into 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. So what is an hour?

An hour is defined according to Encarta as; “3,600 seconds, one of 24 equal parts of a day, or a measure of longitude equal to 15 degrees or one twenty-fourth of a great circle.” So an hour is 1/24 of a day or 15 degrees of the Earth's rotation on its axis. To understand this it must first be understood that objects in the Universe come to a complete rotation in 360 degrees. The Earth rotates 360 degrees in one day in relation to the sun. Thus an hour is defined as 1/24 or 15 degrees of the Earth’s 360 degree rotation on its axis in regards to the Sun. Now that an hour has been defined lets define a minute. A minute according to Encarta is, “a period of 60 seconds or a 60th part of an hour.” If a minute is 1/60 of an hour and an hour is a 1/24 of a day. Then a minute is 1/1440 of a day. If a day is the 360 degree rotation of Earth in regards to the Sun then a minute is 1/4 of a degree of the Earth’s rotation. Now lets break it down a little further a minute consists of 60 seconds, thus a second is 1/60 of a minute, 1/3600 of an hour, and 1/86,400 of a day. So a day is the Earth’s 360 degree rotation, thus a second is 1/240 of a degree of Earth’s rotation.

So time as defined in days, minutes, and seconds all relate to the Earth’s 360 degree rotation on its axis, and a year is the amount of rotations on that axis to complete a revolution of the Sun. So has the Earth always rotated at the same velocity on its axis and revolved around the sun at the same velocity. Simple answer, no it has not. So if time on Earth is defined as Earth’s 360 degree rotation and its revolution around the Sun then time is not a constant do to the increasing and decreasing velocity of rotation, and revolution of the Earth.

Lets now take a look at the calendar used throughout society as the schedule of time. The official calendar of Earth society at present is the Gregorian Calendar. The Gregorian Calendar was proposed by Aloysius Lilius, a physician from Naples, and adopted by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. The calendar consists of 365.2452 days divided into twelve months, or 52 weeks consisting of seven days. Why seven days in a week and twelve months in a year? Weeks and months have no relation to any objects movement through space. The notion of seven days comes from the earliest civilizations understandings of creation. The Christian church would have you believe that it is an original revelation of the Bible. However this is not the case, the Samaritans and the Mayans had an understanding of the seven cycles of creation way before Christianity was founded. But is there any reasoning scientifically for a seven day week? There is no relationship between the Earth and the Sun that occurs every seven days. Nor is there any relationship between the Earth and the Sun that suggests a year is twelve months.

So we have a definition of time that is based on the Earth’s rotation and its revolution around the Sun and a calendar that divides the year into twelve months and 52 weeks consisting of 7 days with no scientific relationship to the definition that is time on Earth. Let it also be known that the Gregorian Calendar was not simply adopted by all cultures, but was forced on society by the sword. Many cultures had there own calendars that consisted of 360 days and was divided into different increments. The Catholic Church spread the Gregorian Calendar throughout these cultures and killed all those that opposed it.

The Gregorian Calendar adopted many different aspects of pagan cultures such as the days of the week which are actually named after Gods of the Anglo-Saxton culture. The days of holidays celebrated throughout the world have origins far out dating the Gregorian Calendar as well. The aspect of the calendar is a very powerful one, and I suggest that one should look into the many different calendars and how they were used throughout different cultures. Calendars are in fact the basis for all control and the power of this control affects all aspects of life. Currently the biggest dogma of today’s society is what day it is. For the day is defined by the calendar.

So, what is time? It is the basis of all systems of control. For all actions and perceptions of society are defined by the dogma of time. For if time is defined as the physical travel of an object thru space determined by that objects velocity, and velocity is the rate in which an object moves thru space in a given time then time is undetermined. So if time is undefined then there is neither past nor future only present. Time is in fact only a theory or more appropriately a religion. The largest religion on the planet Earth, most believe in time without questioning its basis. The Earth's rotation on its axis as it revolves around the Sun at its current velocity is not time but only the relationship of gravity between two objects in a small area of space. So when you think that you don’t have enough time you need only realize time does not exist. Or is the Earth’s rotation and revolution determining your existence?

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Nature of Control

Control is a natural aspect of all societal species on earth. Representing itself through the need and will to be in the lead of others actions and destinations. Why as Man do we seek to control and lead others? Is it for self preservation, preservation of the species as a whole, or is it just an underlying nature of the society. Control is the leading factor in all aspects of the organization, and to really understand the nature of this one must look at its origins in human society and as well observe the role of control in nature.

Government, Religion, Education, Media, and many other aspects of human society were founded with the desire to control the thoughts and actions of others. For the last 2,000 years of what we understand of human development there has been those that seek to lead and control the actions and thoughts of others. This relationship has always caused conflict between the leaders and those followers wanting to gain the position of control. I argue that the ongoing struggle to gain control of the human race is at the heart of all the problems mankind has caused for humans and all living things on this earth.

The fight for freedom from control is a natural reaction to being enslaved. Thus throughout history mankind has been fighting those that seek to control and oppress them and others. The individuals who have fought the oppressors, claim to be fighting for freedom from oppression. Is the fight really about freedom from oppression or is it about who is in control of the oppression. Throughout history man has fought one form of control to install another form of control founded on different beliefs but with the same general outcome, (governance of society). In the end each individual man only has himself to blame for being controlled, for one's own actions and choices lead directly to the following outcomes.

Over time this fight for freedom from oppression has turned in to a battle for absolute freedom. However, there is an aspect to absolute freedom that many either knowingly or unknowingly fear. With absolute freedom comes absolute responsibility. Thus I hear many people talk about freedom and liberty, but many do not actually want the personal responsibility that comes with true and absolute freedom.

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."
George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Critically Thinking

Critical thinking is the only thing that separates man from the rest of the animals, yet most do not use this gift on a daily basis. Careful examination of the world and elements of nature is the only way in which humans can move forward. By questioning excepted facts and opinions man has discovered; the world is not flat, the earth rotates around the sun, the laws of gravity, humans did not magically appear on earth, and many other things. However these things were only discovered by a few intelligent radical individuals, because the majority of civilization was to ignorant to asks questions. It's seems that over relative time civilization would learn from the few to question all generally excepted principals, however facts change and people stay the same ignorant gullible sheep.
I bring this up to explain the basic human instinct of survival. The media has programed people to believe their survival depends on the system that controls their thoughts and actions. So to question the system would be to question survival, however survival of the human only requires four things; air, water, food, and shelter. Every other aspect of the world is put in place to distract the population from realizing who is controlling the things that you need for survival. I pose this question, if money becomes worthless (which actuality it is) how will you get water, food and shelter? Why would you depend on someone else to control your basic needs for survival? But then again don't question the system, or why a few are but in charge of controlling the survival of all.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have created this site to share information on a broad range of topics of human behavior. My hope is that the information will lead to serious contemplation of Human nature and why we do the things we do. I encourage debate on all topics and issues, and hope that with debate we can learn to solve the problems that we as humans have created in this world.