Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eyes of the Wolf

By: Rotating Matter

You might not understand me
but if you can accept getting to know me
you will be able to see
what is
is the a result of both U and I

Therefor you can not know me
unless you know U
as I could not possibly
know I unless I knew thy

This is not something I write for U
but something that I write for time
This is to be as the strokes of the keys
flow the direction

I am the man that came
from the master plan
to be
hear now that I am
and I will be so long as I can
see for an eternity

They are the words that come and go
from the two that for
that by and buy from the phi in the sky
could not decide why
all the U's and I could walk the line

Was it forwards
or backwards
from space to place
or just a reflection
across the face