Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Critically Thinking

Critical thinking is the only thing that separates man from the rest of the animals, yet most do not use this gift on a daily basis. Careful examination of the world and elements of nature is the only way in which humans can move forward. By questioning excepted facts and opinions man has discovered; the world is not flat, the earth rotates around the sun, the laws of gravity, humans did not magically appear on earth, and many other things. However these things were only discovered by a few intelligent radical individuals, because the majority of civilization was to ignorant to asks questions. It's seems that over relative time civilization would learn from the few to question all generally excepted principals, however facts change and people stay the same ignorant gullible sheep.
I bring this up to explain the basic human instinct of survival. The media has programed people to believe their survival depends on the system that controls their thoughts and actions. So to question the system would be to question survival, however survival of the human only requires four things; air, water, food, and shelter. Every other aspect of the world is put in place to distract the population from realizing who is controlling the things that you need for survival. I pose this question, if money becomes worthless (which actuality it is) how will you get water, food and shelter? Why would you depend on someone else to control your basic needs for survival? But then again don't question the system, or why a few are but in charge of controlling the survival of all.

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Anonymous said...

"The way I got it figgered, man is like a tree beetle. He's gonna eat himself outta house an' home an' keep fuckin' things up, an' after the 'uman race is gone things'll get good again. Ya can't talk no sense inta tree beetles, an' ya can't talk no sense inta 'uman bein's neither. Me - I'm gonna get my share while the gettin's still good."

Basically sums it up for me too.