Friday, January 4, 2013

Fields Of Mind

By: Rotating Matter

Restful Winds
From the center of creation blows a breeze of reflection.
Demanding attention in the task of detection.
On the mind of one Man's perception.

Is the mind of Man rolling through flower fields of truth?
Or entombed in a corpse of lies?

Who is the one that must reflect on the mind?
Is not, all of ONE, the whole of the Mind of Man?

Mind sees the field of transcending light.
Cascading through the waves of the pasts reflections and the futures projections.
Creating a cocoon of mortal dimensions.

As points of reflection and projection
Come rest in the moment of stillness
One Mind finds Peace

Divinity Spring
Truth dwells in fields of light flashing forth in the projected mind of divine creation.
Eternal divinity springs forth from the breasts of material causation.
The toe knows not the nose for reflection flows where mind attention goes.

Externally eternal
Waves flow down mountains of snow
Cascading through the pine bough
All seeking rest
In creations nest

Circle patterns the flow
Inward and outward
Life spirals forth
Creating projections of worth

Children suckle
Mothers creation
Grandfather chuckles
Fathers causation
Grandmother sings
Sisters dream
Brother explores
Hearts adore
Mind projects
Thoughts eject
Love binds
Natures sublime

The stillness of truth flutters on wings of light.
Stand tonight or you will loose this fight.
Join hand in hand in the moral plan.
Choose now what is right.
Come-forth Man, take control of your land.
Unwind from the confines of nefarious demands.
In you dwells external light.

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