Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Existence of Consumption

Existence and consumption are reliant on one another for one is not possible without the other. So the question is, is existence the product of consumption or is consumption the product of existence. Observations of existence on Earth would lead one to believe that consumption is the product of existence, thus all that exist must consume. If everything that exist's must consume what existed before consumption. The old adaptation "what came first the chicken or the egg".

Many question the term consumer when it is used by those in power to describe the minions. It is understandable due to the use of the word as merely calling people buyers of useless things. In all actuality consumption is life and life is consumption so all life could in fact be referred to as consumers. The current problems in the existence of consumers is the rate at which they are consuming. Out of all the organisms on Earth humans are relatively the only ones which consume more than is required for existence. When one examines all the questions regarding uses of power and control a common theme appears throughout, which is regulating that which is required for existence. Humanity must only look in the mirror to find the answer to the question of existence for ones consumption is it's existence.

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