Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fall of Mankind

The Patriarchal Led Decent of Evolution

Man has led the world down a path of destruction and deceit into the abyss of darkness spread over the Mother of life with the shift from the matriarchal structure to the patriarchal structure. The two bodies of life from which all living creatures have been born are the Sun and the Earth. The Sun is the seed of life providing the energy and light for existence. The Earth is the caretaker and supporter of life providing the womb in which life grows. One cannot have life without both of these bodies. Humans from the known beginning of existence worshiped and cherished the Mother as the creator of life. It was not until the rise of modern patriarchal religion in society that the shift was made from life to death. With the rise of religion came the fall of mankind in to the current abyss of separation from creation. A seed can not grow without nutriment of Earth nor can it come into existence on its own.

The theory that humans have evolved in a linear pattern to an advanced civilization is a fallacy that must be corrected in order to change the current path of death to life.

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