Monday, October 27, 2008

A Path

The path is only the reflection of the choice destination. For when one dreams the goal, seeing cobblestones of pure destination, now journey one shall be. As I walk down this dark, overgrown path I will stumble and occasionally fall over the many obstacles in the way. Falling is not a concern along the path less traveled as it is a sure thing, having the strength to regain footing is the only issue. The way is not smoothly paved or lit up with bright lights like main street. There are no signs showing the path, or what direction to take as the next fork in the road approaches. The path is so remote that very few have traveled along it's steep winding edge while not getting faint of heart. Those that are encountered along the way don't remember which way they came, only when they started and what direction they now consider forward. The trails lead up and down and around and around. Conscious sense the excitement of reality the whole way. When one ventures down this path of truth there is very little doubt that forward is the way to go.

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